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Hi there!

Here's a short video that will show you what the process that I use for most of my cards. It's called letterpress. A vintage machine is used to press my designs on to the cards. It's really really cool. 

About Me

I didn't always know how to use this machine. 

In 2014 I took the plunge. I bought a Heidelberg Windmill letterpress machine sight unseen (I do not recommend this btw) and started Mikspress (AKA Miks Letterpress +). 

Fast forward to today where I've carved out a unique corner of the crowded world of greeting cards. My cards have been part of hundreds of stores including Paper Source, Nordstrom and most recently the WeWork WeMarket.  

I should have known that the little girl who made folded printer paper cards with her best friend in 4th grade and went door to door selling them for fifty cents would one day become a professional greeting card maker.

Right now I'm probably drinking a coffee thinking about double entendre's and silly puns to put on greeting cards. Words are my thing as well as clean minimal design.

You wanna know what lights me up? You opening up an envelope and smiling because the card or gift you got really hit it home.

Ok, other things too, like my two kiddos and hanging out as a family in and around Washington, D.C. where I'm based out of.

my bucket list

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